Mussar Center

Mu • sar  [moose-ARE]  /  Noun

1. Hebrew word for discipline (מוּסָר)

2. Genre of Jewish literature

3. Nineteenth-century renewal movement

4. Personal practice of inner work and character growth

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If you could trade 5 or 10 minutes for a really good day, would you? That's Mussar! This ancient path is rooted in the Bible, works for everyone, and will make your day better and more beautiful.

Sign up for free weekly lessons/exercises and see why thousands worldwide from every walk of life are studying with us. Prefer texts? Just text MUSSAR to 855-934-4080 and then confirm YES when prompted. 

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Why Mussar?

Mussar is all about experiencing a high quality of life. 

It's about coming alive inside and finding real peace, wholeness, and freedom. 

It's about experiencing love and creating meaningful relationships - with yourself, the people in your life, God, and the universe. 

If you don't want any of that, don't study Mussar.

Who is this for?

We believe that Mussar is for everyone. 

Our content is 100% Jewish but it's friendly and respectful to people of all faiths and perspectives. 

We use simple, understandable language so everyone can have a positive experience - young and old, religious and non-religious, Jew and Gentile, Bar and Bat Mitzvah. 

While great for individuals, we do recommend getting a Mussar study partner (חַבְרוּתָא/chavrusa) or starting a small Mussar study group (וַעַד/va'ad) to make the experience even better.

When I sign up...?

You'll get an email or text with a link to our first Mussar conversation. 

If you signed up for weekly emails you'll start receiving them right away. If you signed up for texts you'll get them first thing on 'Mussar Mondays'. 

In the first video you'll meet your Mussar teacher and learn more about our online Mussar classes. 

Everything is 100% free and you can cancel anytime so we hope you'll at least sign up for that first introductory talk and then decide from there. 

And hopefully it goes without saying but we'll do with your email/number what we would want done with ours -  we'll keep it private and try to make everything you get from us truly worth looking forward to.

What will I get?

Our program consists of weekly pre-recorded video Mussar lessons (שִׁיעוּרִים/shiurim) from 15 to 60 minutes in length.

Everything is self-paced so you can work through your Mussar lesson (שִׁעוּר/shiur) anytime throughout the week. 

Our first set of conversations (שמועסן/shmoozes) will answer questions like "Where is Mussar in the Bible?" and "What do Hebrew words like mussar, middot, and tikkun mean?" 

Each talk (שמועס/shmooze) is informational but also practical, with Mussar exercises you can incorporate into your own personal Mussar practice. 

We always end with a mazal tov celebrating what we covered and a short, heartfelt blessing just for you.

Then what?

After guiding you through this experience of 'Biblical Mussar' we'll start looking at Mussar books (סְפָרִים/sforim) and use these texts to introduce you to key Mussar concepts, terms, quotes, and practices. 

We try to make every talk both informational and inspirational and give you a combination of theory and technique so that, regardless of where you're at on your Mussar journey, you always walk away with something good.

How does that sound? Sign up now to get started! Prefer text to email? Just text MUSSAR to 855-934-4080 and then confirm YES when prompted.

And remember - there's no commitment and you can cancel anytime so, why not?